2019-11-27 13:34 #0 by: Niklas

I could relate to Kari in this video. She’s 190 cm tall and decided to build a small house, but without having to hunker down to reach the kitchen countertops or bang her head into the ceiling above the bed. She made the bed elevated with a motor so she can set it at any level she likes. The countertops are higher than standard, letting her work standing up. I would have loved that, but it's hard when the rest of the family aren’t as tall. Instead, I have to bend down like a pocket knife when I wash my hands or chop vegetables. Lucky for me that Åsa is responsible for most of the cooking. 😀

Another intelligent solution in this video was the shower. Instead of letting the large (for the small space) shower take up valuable space when not used, Kari has a big sliding closet that can be placed over the shower. She doesn't have a bathroom door or shower curtain, though. I wonder how she manages the moisture coming from the shower. Or perhaps the weather is mostly warm in Portland? It wouldn’t have worked in Sweden, where bathroom fans are a necessity to get the moisture out as quickly as possible.

What did you think of the house in the video?