2019-06-03 10:04 #0 by: Niklas

Bryce Langston is the front figure of Living Big in a Tiny House. While building his small house video company he also has built his own tiny house. It is 15 ㎥ and sits on a trailer in New Zealand. The build has just been finished.

As usual, I like that he chooses to have white walls and a lot of windows making the house bright and well lit inside. The bathroom door mirror is a clever way to both have a full-length mirror and make the small room look larger.

I’m a bit hesitant about the wood choice for tabletops and kitchen countertops. It doesn’t look like it is hard enough to stand up to normal use for many years. I also think not having a stove was a strange choice even though I understand that he hardly ever is at home. A large fridge with freezer would be important even if I built a small house. I do not want to be forced to go grocery shooping every other day. We currently have one normal size fridge and two freezers. I think each has 300-400 liter net volume. 🙂

The bathroom sink, in my opinion, was ridiculous. Minimal in size and made of wood. Water will splash all over if you are not very restricted in your movements when you wash your hands. Washing your face looks impossible unless you are okay having water all over. Wood and water often is a bad combination. We have clear varnished oak shelves over the bathtub. Very stupid choice. In the long run, they can’t handle all the water they are exposed to. We would have to wipe them dry after every shower for them to withstand the bathroom moisture.

For me it is important to be able to sit or lay down comfortably in every room. We have two large sofas in the living room and one in the kitchen. There also are comfortable armchairs everywhere, including in the kitchen and bedroom. The tiny “sofa” in Bryce Langstons home would not be enough for my needs. It was too narrow and cant even accommodate two people laying down. Also, the cushioning seemed symbolic rather than comfortable.

Plenty of storage is good, and I envy him for having solar panels on the roof. He stressed the importance of good insulation. I agree with that, both for keeping heat out during warm summer days and for keeping heat in during winter. Living in Sweden I would choose three-glass windows.

What did you like and not like in this tiny house?