How to build a zero energy house

2019-04-02 13:36 #0 by: Niklas

A zero-energy house consumes very little energy and produces all of it. Tiny House Design has an article about important things to think about when designing a zero energy small house. Here are some of the most important at keep in mind.

Heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting are the most energy consuming parts of a typical house. That is where you can save most by being efficient.

Heating costs can be controlled in two ways: By using proper insulation and using efficient heating methods. If you insulate a house enough, the body heat of those living there could be enough to keep it warm. That is usually not how homes are built though. Therefore efficient heating is important. Heat pumps can save from around 50 percent of the heating costs.

Ventilation can be made more efficient if you heat the incoming cold air with the outgoing warm air. In summer you do the opposite. That way as little energy as possible is lost on ventilation.

For lighting, LEDs are the current best electric option. If you automate them only to activate when they are needed, much of the energy can be saved.

However much you do to minimize electricity consumption, you are likely to need some. If you put solar panels on the roof or a sunny spot in the garden, you can produce electricity yourself.

Read more about zero energy house design via the link below:

» Design Guidelines for a Net Zero Tiny House – Tiny House Design

(Photo by Roberto Nickson at Unsplash)

2019-04-02 14:18 #1 by: Emo

To many steps and to steep flight of steps.

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2019-04-02 15:52 #2 by: Niklas

Do you mean the house in the image? It's got nothing to do with the text.

2019-04-02 15:54 #3 by: Evelina

This is probably a stupid question, but how well do solar panels work for a house in Sweden, for instance, since the light in the winter is not as frequent. Can a house in Sweden use 100% renewable energy?

2019-04-02 16:39 #4 by: Emo

#2 Nice picture, but nothing for us, so to write something about the house on the picture I wrote #1 

My website: American version
Min hemsida: Svensk version

2019-04-02 20:22 #5 by: Leia

I wish I had the means to live in a zero energy home. Unfortunately, because I live in rented accommodation, it is far from achievable. 

However, small steps can be taken. I am hoping to switch to a more eco-friendly energy supplier like Octopus Energy.

Their mantra promise that  "all tariffs use 100% green electricity — and they're no more expensive than competitors' non‐green tariffs. You can also carbon offset the gas you use if you want to minimise your environmental impact even further."

All the best, Leia

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2019-04-03 09:42 #6 by: Niklas

#3: It varies a lot depending on where in Sweden you live. It’s 1500 kilometers from north to south. Johan, one of our developers, installed solar panels last year. One sunny winter day he reported that a third of what their house consumed came from solar panels. He expect to at least get what the house use in a year.

#5: We always buy green electricity. It’s easy to find in Sweden and not much more expensive.


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