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How much can you fit into an 11 ㎡ apartment?

2019-02-12 12:49 #0 by: Niklas

I like how they have combined bathroom and kitchen in a corner of this minimal Paris apartment. It both puts the noisy and messy parts of the home in the same end and makes it easier connecting to water and electricity. It’s a pity they couldn’t manage to get the toilet into the apartment as well (it’s in the stairwell area), but this is one of the best small apartment renovations I have seen.

» The dining table is hidden in the kitchen cabinet in this chic but tiny 11 m2 apartment - Living in a shoebox

At Houzz they have “before” photos as well as floor plans:

» Avant/Après : Une chambre de bonne de 11 m² muée en coquet studio

2019-02-12 21:44 #1 by: Leia

This is very clever! I can imagine it could be very awkward if you have a guest staying over and you don't feel comfortable being in the nude around them though!

My favourite thing about this space was the copper pipes they used for hanging clothes!

All the best, Leia

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2019-02-13 10:11 #2 by: Niklas

I hadn’t imagined being nude there, but now that you mention it... 🙂

Copper pipes are quite common used like that in Sweden. In one of our former offices they had coat hangers made that way.


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