Murphy Bar for small dining room or nook

2018-07-30 21:00 #0 by: jadekintz

I've been looking for a solution to my 6'X4' ft breakfast nook and I recently stumbled upon a Murphy bar. Most examples I have seen outside but I think it would be really fun to make one for the little room. I really like the idea of painting it a fun color oppose to a stain.

2018-08-01 19:44 #1 by: Leia

This is very nifty! I'd love to have one to fill with lots of different flavoured Gins!

All the best, Leia

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2018-08-02 16:14 #2 by: jadekintz

#1 That would be awesome, maybe make it all cohesive with pretty vintage bottles :)

2018-08-06 11:15 #3 by: Evelina

This is really neat! I need a murphy sofa in my living room so my cat stops peeing on it when we are away Laughing

2018-08-28 16:20 #4 by: jadekintz

#3 When I had cats this was a huge issue for us as well


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