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Conserve cabinet space with hanging spice racks

2018-07-30 17:00 #0 by: jadekintz

Down sizing things in my kitchen cabinets have been a high priority for me this summer. I am working to not having any plastics in my kitchen, and shopping for dry goods in bulk. 

One way I found to save space and also add a cute detail to my otherwise plain kitchen backsplash.

I purchased the spice rack at World Market here in Sacramento, along with the glass spice jars. They are so cute and add character to the kitchen as well as creating more space in my cabinets. 

I purchased the suction cup hangers at the local 99 cent store to mount it on the tile with out any hassle or mess. Which is perfect if you are renting. I used a chalkboard pen on the front of the jar to write what type of spice is in the jar.

2018-08-06 11:25 #1 by: Evelina

What a cute idea! I too am working on eliminating plastics from my kitchen! I have slowly trying to buy for glass containers for storing my dry goods as well and buying glass leftover boxes to bring to uni. 

Do you have any ideas for using less plastic in the grocery store. I always feel guilty buying fruit and veggies and then placing them in a plastic bag which I throw away when I get home. It's so unnecessary!

2018-09-13 16:00 #2 by: jadekintz

#2 to update on this, I moved the spice rack to the counter because the hooks I used were a little cheap. Ya know I have been thinking about the plastics at the grocery store and found it’s easier to buy produce at the farmers market because you can bring all of your own bags (or containers, I keep my cherry tomato container and just fill it up the the weight of the tomatoes. Also maybe investing in silicone bags from amazon?

It’s hard to find a balance, some people have grocery stores tare the weight of the container but to me that seems like a huge headache


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