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2023-05-26, 11:12

Organised aesthetic fridge

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I finally organised my new fridge with new jars and containers!

I don't know about you but a bunch of different coloured labels and sizes of jars are not only anxiety inducing but they can make it so difficult to organise your fridge.

We have the additional challenge because my boyfriend loves to make innovate cocktails - which means we have quite a few bottles that need to be refrigerated. We don't have the space or money for an additional fridge for like, like a wine fridge. So I bought bottle organisers to lay the bottles horizontally as well as some glass bottles that are short enough to fit on the same shelf. That way all of those ingredients are on one shelf.

We have a lot of asian ingredients, jams and other stuff which was hard to access. Things would just end up going bad because we couldn't find it. So I got the lazy suzan from Ikea and the jars and containers from Clas Ohlson to Help with this problem. I'm using permanent marker on the glass which is easily wiped off with water and soap. And I'm using white dry eraser on the metal and plastic - which isn't ideal but it was all I could think of in the moment at the store. This is to label what the item is and add the expiration data as well.

Next up was to tackle all of the sauces that needed to be in a squeeze bottle and other items that needed smaller containers which I keep in the door.

I put all of the limes and lemons up in the top of the door since we use them all the time for cocktails, water, and for cooking. This just makes it easier to access instead of having to dive into the veggie drawer.

I put the juice and milk into glass bottles which really isn't necessary, but I think it looks nicer.

For the dairy drawer, I bought some small plastic organisers so that you can see things better. Most items are lying on their sides instead of flat and stacked which helps make things easier to find.

I bought containers to keep the herbs fresher for longer. Fingers crossed that they work - but even if they don't at least they will be more contained and not floating around in the veggie drawer or on the counter where my cat will eat it and throw up.

I made room for a pitcher of lemon water because I have a new goal to drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

In the veggie drawer, I have containers to keep veggies fresher for longer for veggies like the lettuce/spinach, cut cucumbers, smaller items like radish, peppers, and berries. For root veggies and cabbage, I bought these cotton net bags with a drawer string to keep these veggies organised and to allow them to breath. There is nothing worse than soggy wet veggies at the bottom of the drawer in a plastic bag.

I think that is everything but I love it!

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