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You don’t have to do things in any special order when you start your community. If you want some help, this is one way to do it.

If you follow the 7 steps below your community will be ready for launch as an official Savvity community.

1. Write a community presentation

This is the text shown when they follow the About link in the menu above. Introduce your community, who it’s for and yourself.

» Admin > Description

2. Create discussion categories

Discussion categories is the way you structure the discussions. Make sure to cover your community’s topic. 5 to 7 categories is usually enough.

» Admin > Discussion categories

3. Create article categories (if you will write articles)

Article categories is the way you structure the article repository.

» Admin > Article categories

4. Start at least 20 discussions

The discussion forum is where most of the community action takes place. Write “how to’s” and FAQ’s, ask questions, start surveys, create top charts, make quizzes, write community rules and more.

Be very careful when you write the discussion headlines. That’s the single most important part of your writing. Make sure your site topic is present in all headlines.

» Discussions > Start a new discussion!

5. Write at least 5 articles (if you will write articles)

Articles usually are a little longer texts. They are great for explaining something in more depth. Make sure your site topic is present in all headlines.

» Articles > Write a new article!

6. Insert at least 5 links on the links page

Find links to resources within or adjacent to your community’s topic.

» Admin > Links

7. Write a welcome message

When a user makes your community their favorite a welcome message is automatically sent from the community host. This is a good place to welcome and give them important information as well as introduce yourself.

» Admin > Welcome message

That's it. If you have completed these 7 steps and want to launch your community as an official community, contact me (Niklas) and I will guide you through the last parts of the process.

Feel free to ask anything about this "how to" article below, or send us an email at hello@savvity.net.

Image by Alex Wong

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